Indoor Air Quality

Fogging against coronavirus

Faced with the threat of the Coronavirus in the country, in addition to washing our hands frequently, a fogging procedure in common spaces, such as offices, schools, shopping centers, etc., is an excellent alternative to avoid its transmission.

“The coronavirus can be contracted by coming into contact with contaminated surfaces. When a person coughs or sneezes, drops fall on them. The virus can survive there for days and transfer it onto their hands. If the person rubs their eyes or nose, they can become infected. We at Clean Air Contractors can sanitize these surfaces with the proper procedure and specific products. After performing a manual cleaning, to ensure 100% coverage we perform the fogging of a virucidal with residual action,” explained Radamés Cordero, president and founder of Clear Air Contractors. “Once we complete the work, we issue a certification that the establishment is protected from the coronavirus, and many other pathogens, for a minimum of 30 days.”

Fogging is the process in which a disinfectant liquid is broken down and reduced into particles. This fog then spreads and propagates in the air to completely cover surfaces. This makes it possible to reduce the contamination of hard-to-reach areas, as well as the total disinfection of the entire site.

“Many people think that cold air is enough and they forget that, more than cold, it must be clean air,” said Cordero, who founded the company 25 years ago in Vega Alta and operates it as a family-owned business, where his son, Doctor Radames J.B. Cordero, a microbiologist, leads the operations department in addition to the Orlando, Florida branch.

Clean Air Contractors specializes in the control of fungi, viruses, and bacteria at an institutional and industrial level, leading in indoor air quality throughout the Caribbean.

Cleaning and Sanitation of Air Ducts

We all know that the air conditioning distribution system through the ducts is the ideal place for the accumulation of all kinds of particulates, insects, rodents, foreign materials, fungi, bacteria, etc. Clean Air Contractors uses powerful extraction systems to capture all foreign material through filters, thus controlling fungi and bacteria.

Cleaning and Decontamination of Air Conditioning Handlers

This is the heart of the system and where the important condensation and filtration processes occur. Therefore, proper maintenance and sanitation are key to the best air quality. Our focus, besides being mechanical, is from the “Indoor Air Quality” point of view.

Cleaning at Heights

In the upper part of warehouses, out of reach employees, there is an accumulation of insects, fungi, dust & dirt. These need to be removed for a facility to be properly maintained. Knapsack vacuum cleaners clean and sanitize pipes, beams, lamps, ceiling, racks, etc. An insecticide may also be applied to delay the reappearance of spider webs for up to one year.

Cleaning and Sanitation of Libraries

Dust and particulate matter, which serves as food for fungi, combined with inadequate humidity and light factors, make storage places for books and documents a source of contamination and respiratory diseases. The process of decontaminating libraries, in addition to applications of fungicides/bactericides in the form of a cloud (fogging), will control the air quality and will help in preserving the good condition of books and documents.

Cleaning Between Ceiling and Acoustic Panel (Plenum)

The “plenum” is known as the area between the acoustic panel and the ceiling where a quantity of dust and particles accumulate and these could be breathed in by you. As we are unable to see it, it goes unnoticed, but it affects everyone’s health. Collecting all that particulate, and cleaning the acoustics and lamps will provide better air quality for everyone.

Grease Duct Cleaning in Restaurants and Cafeterias

Maintaining the hygiene of grease ducts is not only a matter of cleanliness but also a matter of preventing fires. 90% of these occur in the grease extraction system. Clean Air Contractors is currently the only company certified by the International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaners Association in Puerto Rico. We offer the most complete and professional cleaning job on hoods, extractors, ducts, filters, and kitchen equipment.

Microbiological Studies

Microorganism and Particulate Monitoring is a fundamental part of any cleaning strategy. If we exactly identify and quantify the “Indoor Air Quality” problem, we can then determine if a building is sick or not. Industry standards will lead us to the correct conclusion.

High-Efficiency Filters (HEPA)

We have several alternatives to improve the so neglected filtration in air conditioning equipment by more than 60%. Electrostatic high-efficiency filters, activated carbon, HEPA filters among others. A good maintenance program in the filtration area will maintain better air quality.

Fungus Control

Due to flooding, high humidity, and poor ventilation, closed structures become highly contaminated with a wide variety of fungi. Treatment in all affected areas with fungicides, bactericides, virucidal, and biocides—together with a well-planned procedure— will restore adequate air quality.